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Green Resume

Our involvement in green architecture dates from 1980 and includes dozens of passive and active solar, earth sheltered, geo-thermal and super insulated homes. (view our Green Gallery). Recognition for leadership in this area attracted the attention of the Indiana Department of Commerce which sought our expertise for the development of state solar tax credit legislation.

A federal grant provided for our involvement in the solar and energy retrofit of Ft.Wayne Indiana’s Central Fire Station. The project included calculation and establishment of solar access in the downtown area for the various active and passive solar space and domestic water heating systems designed and specified for the building. Intricate insulation retrofit details and specifications provided for enhanced energy performance while preserving the buildings important architectural presence. 

In 2001 we designed a new green, state of the art, custom, yet affordable residence near Green Bay, Wisconsin. The foundation was formed with an ICF (insulated concrete forms) system, and above grade walls are made of SIPS (structural insulated panels). Orientation and topography allowed for a two and a half story South wall, glazed with high-efficiency windows to maximize Winter solar gain. A below slab thermal storage system constructed with simple concrete blocks captures excess heat gain during Winter and allows circulation of earth-cooled air in the Summer. The stairwell location allows for capture and distribution of rising warm air in Winter and whole house fan exhaust in Summer. Heat recovery ventilation equipment reclaims  heat from exhausted air and maintains a fresh, healthy indoor environment. The home uses half the energy of neighboring homes built since and was accomplished within a very modest budget.

We are currently designing a new green spec single family residence suitable for the Chicago market featuring a unique combination of innovative energy systems and environmental considerations.

FWC Architects is pleased to announce our recent addition of LEED AP
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)  (Accredited Professional) to our portfolio of credentials.

Green building practices can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts and improve existing unsustainable design, construction and operational practices. As an added benefit, green design measures in commercial and municipal buildings reduce operating costs, enhance building marketability, increase worker productivity, and reduce potential liability resulting from indoor air quality problems. These same health, comfort and energy benefits are available in homes when green building practices are employed.