FWC Architects, Inc Highwood, IL 60044


Single Family Homes:
Includes production homes from under 2,000 square feet to custom homes over 10,000 square feet. Extensive detailing or simple and economical, as appropriate for each project.

Multi Family Housing:
Includes condominiums, townhomes, duplexes and apartment buildings.

Includes residential and light commercial, seamless additions that enhance the original architecture or total transformations, interior and exterior.

Energy Design / Green Architecture:
Buildings and residences are designed for high levels of energy performance and analyzed on a cost/benefit basis. Strategies utilized include passive solar, superinsulation, daylighting, air-tight construction, and earth berming. Indoor environments are made healthy, inviting, and comfortable by careful specification of material and coordination of mechanical systems. Sustainable building practices are always encouraged and executed to the degree desired by the client.

Vacation Homes:
Projects have included locations in Colorado, Northern Michigan, and Northern Wisconsin. Whether a simple cottage or a luxurious getaway, travel is minimized through extensive e-mail, fax, and express mail communications.

Light Commercial:
Includes offices, retail, hospitality space planning, and stand alone buildings, primarily wood frame construction.